Geometrik is a leading player in the field of subsurface measurement technology. We conduct measurements and supply consultants, contractors and other specialists on major construction projects with relevant measurement data so that they can weigh both economy and safety in their decisions.

We share a passion for measurement technology and have unique knowledge of the potential it offers. There are people working in our company who have very long experience of developing instruments. This gives us a solid foundation for creating new and specially adapted instruments for our customers.

Many of the measuring instruments we use have been designed, developed and manufactured by us at Geometrik. We also develop pedagogical, intuitive and web-based presentation systems so that decision-makers and other stakeholders on all levels can easily assimilate the information and draw correct conclusions.

As a complement to our own manufacture, we are also retailers for the instrument manufacturers GLÖTZL and Soil Instruments.

Geometrik is part of WSP 

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