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Measurement data online

Exact and reliable

In our web system, a presentation is given of your measurement values in both table and graph form. You can therefore easily see both trends and exact values, and access everything with a few clicks of your mouse. For those of you who want to be able to make analyses, it is also possible to download measurement data for your own processing.

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Thanks to our web system, you do not need to have expert skills in order to be able to understand complicated measurements. Our web system presents complicated series of events simply and clearly so that you can focus on what is relevant for you personally.


For your sake

Our web system contains a smart message function that allows you to communicate with other users on the project side. You can ask questions, give answers and spread important information to other users. With this function, users receive rapid and simple information on what is taking place and what is worth knowing.

För din skull

Everything in one place

Several different measurements of, for example, ground water tables, soil displacements, temperature and environmental parameters are often carried out in a project. Transmitting the measurements ion Excel files backwards and forwards between different players is rarely very successful and seldom gives the kind of overview that you want

Our web system collects all measurement data from different players in one common place. You can therefore – in the same system – see all that you are interested in. The measurements can also be grouped according to type, place, importance, etc.

Allting på ett ställe

On your terms

It is your wishes that control our development work and the appearance of the web system. For us, it is very important that those of you who use the system shall be able to gain the maximum benefit from it. We therefore make special adaptations so that it as far as possible suits you. Nothing is impossible.

På dina villkor

Easy to grasp and clear

The system is designed so that you can rapidly and simply acquire information about what you are interested in. A project may contain millions of measurement values taken on different occasions but our system packages everything in such a way that gives you ”fast tracks” to what you want. You can easily navigate between different metering stations but also between different parts of the project and between different types of measurement. The measurements can be grouped according to their geographical positions (all measurements of different types that are carried out, for example, in one building), time, type etc.

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