Geoteknik i Stockholm AB was founded on 26 May 1986 as a subsidiary to ADG Grundteknik.

Since start of operations in 1984, ADG Grundteknik AB had performed both advanced data calculations on various rock and soil mechanics projects as well as sheet piling calculations. In order to follow up on these analyses it was considered necessary to calibrate the various calculation models with each other. This requirement resulted in the founding of Geometrik.

The first of the company’s own workshops was located next to ADG Grundteknik’s office in Rosenlundsgatan. In 1991, Geometrik purchased a precision mechanics workshop in Hagsätra, and operations were relocated there in an air-raid shelter beneath Hagsätra Underground Station. In order to integrate operations with ADG Grundteknik and to create better working conditions, operations were moved in 1999 to Södermalm in Stockholm. During 1999, ADG Grundteknik merged with Golder Associates, and since then Geometrik has been an independent subsidiary of Golder Associates AB.

Geometrik’s production history
The first product to be developed following the original manufacture of stay strength sensors was the Multi-inclinometer. The first Multi-inclinometers were installed on a test site on the outskirts of Norrköping where SGI simulated a landslip. Using the Multi-inclinometer measuring principle as a basic starting point, the Multi-extensometer was also developed. Its manufacture started in 1988 and it was installed for the first time in the Gas Storage Trials in Grängesberg.

Several years later, a pressure sensor was also developed, which was adapted for the measurement of pore pressure in BAT points.

In cooperation with an external partner, the single-channel data log Metrolog was developed for the registration of different types of measuring sensors.

The Multi-inclinometer, which is now manufactured in over 100 units in three different versions, is Geometrik’s principal product. The original version consisted of a magneto-resistive sensor mounted on a pendulum, but the sensor now consists of an accelerometer that measures static inclination.