Measurement of soil displacements (Inclinometer measurements)

We measure deformations and movements in soil. The measurements can be performed manually, but we also install sensors that register readings automatically for online presentation on the Internet.


Measuring earth movements with an inclinometer is a reliable and well-proven method that was developed in Sweden by Geometrik employee Kent Allard. The method provides greater reliability and cost optimisation for construction in soil and rock, and is also used in areas prone to landslides, slopes, earth-fill dams, embankment fill, etc.


More information on the products and inclinometer measurement can also be found under the heading Inclinometers. Taking manual readings, or installing measuring equipment for continuous monitoring, gives security and knowledge about what is taking place in rock and soil. We conduct measurement in both grooved and smooth-walled pipes.


If more frequent measurement intervals are preferred, or the possibility for an alarm function, we connect the inclinometer to data loggers that register automatically. With the aid of these loggers, the readings can be presented on line on the Internet, which makes it possible for the measurement data to be checked on a round-the-clock basis.